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CMP Ambassadors

Ambassadors are great supporters of the vision and cause of Counselling Men Project. They are men and women who love our existence and are a great source of inspiration to us. Check out below who they are.

Simone Dunlop

Simone Dunlop is an Advisory Board specialist assisting business owners realise their potential.

We invited her to be one of our ambassadors because the work she does connects deeply with part of our vision to enable our community to promote a system that leads to human development and fulfilment over profit.

With a background working for global corporate and big business, as well as owning small business and start-ups, she understands all the requirements of running a highly effective, productive, and organic business. A business that promotes the celebration of life.  

She is cognisant that business owners seek professional advice to enable their businesses to grow and succeed without damaging the positive course of life.

Her approach ensures the businesses and clients she works with are matched with insightful advice for healthy growth.  

One of the dreams of Counselling Men Project is to see a community living a life where work and finances are not the higher priority. It is part of life, but the higher priority is the celebration of life. Simone works in that direction.


If you want to get in touch with her, please send an email to us'.

Tony Hempenstall

Brother Tony Hempenstall has lived at the Archer Mountain Community as a Christian Brother with a mission to care for our Planet and our Natural Landscape by leading many people towards the value of stillness. His passion is to awaken in people a new consciousness of the beauty and wonder of the magnificent planet we live on, to protect it, and to enjoy it.

Counselling Men Project is proud to have him as our first Ambassador, as it connects deeply with our value mentioned above. Stillness leads to a life that includes conscious examinations based on Solitude, Silence, Contemplation, and a strong connection with Nature – the deeper sense of what Being means which we can learn from Indigenous cultures.

If you want to get in touch with him, please send an email to us.

Nick Shewring

Co-founder & CEO @ Wonderlife

Nick has experienced the highs and the lows of building successful companies from hundreds of staff to millions of dollars of turnover from international recognition for being a global leader in his industry to losing it all through a hostile acquisition.

As Nick had to start again from zero in a new city and country at 40, he is experienced on the emotional challenges one faces when run businesses.

Nick is extremely passionate about men’s mental health and also about the business founder's mental health: "We are often with the unseen heroes that carry the livelihoods of our staff our families, and the responsibility to our customers in silence. But together we can break down those barriers to support each other and get behind an amazing program to make access to some of the basic support systems that we need to flourish and grow more accessible".

This connect deeply with our value of Responsibility and with our vision and mission to make money and finances to work for the human beings and not the other way around.