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Registered Counselling for Men at Risk of Violence, Homelessness and Suicide at no cost for them.

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Specific Counselling for Men

Violence between men is extremely high, and the traditional way of stoicism, self-reliance and toughness have contributed for them not look for help and to dive into a hopelessness and dark path.

That’s why the suicide rate among men is high and why Counselling Men Project exist: to build a community of human beings to stop the issue of homelessness, violence and suicide in our society.

A specific counselling framework for men is much needed in our culture.  

Many men do not have access to it due to finance issues. A few of them are aware of the benefits, but, unfortunately, it is not accessible to them.


Our customers
say it best

“In the past I have had to stop therapy due to finances regardless of how helpful it has been. That in itself has been an incredibly horrible dilemma to face when already struggling to manage the simplest of tasks in life. I felt pathetic. To be able to receive help, effective help without needing to worry about funding limitations to sessions Allowed me to open up and finally believe in the help on offer. It has changed my life In ways I could never have thought possible”.

— Registered Male Client, Counselling Men Project

“I have been able to receive help to process many battles including being a victim of domestic violence, grief of a broken down marriage, abandonment, anxiety, and trauma from childhood and adult life”.

— Registered Male Client, Counselling Men Project

“Counselling Men Project opened my eyes to my own worthiness & ensured that I will never plan to end my life again, as there are so many people whom care for me".

— Registered Male Client, Counselling Men Project

Testimonial from 3rd Space Case Worker

"I have made multiple referrals and continually receive outstanding feedback in respect of Counselling Men Project.

Individuals have made the following comments to me about this service:

1.“I feel hopeful for my future”

2. “It went really well, I feel much better after speaking with Felipe”

3. “I am thinking of doing some study; I think I can do it; I am going to try”

4. “I have decided to take a different approach in my interactions with people. I handled a situation yesterday with my new neighbour where previously I would have had an argument. We resolved our issue and then were able to talk about gardening together. I noticed my new approach has been helping me build relationships in my new neighbourhood”

— Picture is an illustration.  NOT the author of the testimonial.

Counselling Men Project Acknowlegdging

Traditional Owners of this land

We would like to remember The Aboriginal people of the Yuggera and Turrbal Region - these are the local People, who walked this country for thousands and thousands of years.

And we remember their descendants who still walk this land. We invite us all to honour the spirit and the story of this land, of this country of the Yuggera and Turrbal, and their ongoing connection and stewardship of this land upon which we are walking, sitting and reflecting.

We invite us all to pause to connect with that spirit of the land and the people and continue to honour the connection. And we invite us all to reflect on those of this land, and our own loved ones, who have gone before us.

Our Major Purpose is to

Inspire and Encourage Men to live an Authentic Life™

Our Main Vision is to

End Homelessness, Violence and Suicide by enabling the community to utilize the economic system toward human development and fulfilment.

Counselling & Authentic LIfe 2

What is an Authentic Life?

Counselling Men Project defines Authentic Life as a life where all decisions are based on a deeper and authentic examination of your own most profound level of consciousness with the courage to follow them through.

It is a life to the full! It is an abundant life! It is a life worth living! It is an examined life! It is a life where you know and understand deeply each of your own decisions. Not because someone told you, or because you read it in a book, or because you heard it from a popular coach a successful preacher and not because ‘everyone is doing it’. But because you have lived a life, examined it and have developed a healthier dialogue and learned how to articulate with yourself your attitude and concept about your own life.

Counselling Men Project has a mission to promote the Authentic Life described above among all the people involved in its community.

Want to participate and live a life worth living?

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What is an Economic System?

Counselling Men Project promotes an economic system that values people over money. It exists to make money work for the human being. Many homeless people are choosing not to engaging with a system that doesn't care about people.

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Counselling Men Project is an Incorporated Association. The Community is still in formation. Click the bottom below to learn why the Project was created and meet the team behind the scene.