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Pre AGM CMP Meeting

Meet the Team

We are a community of business owners, executives and workers that have a passion to see people living an Authentic Life™. Check out the team below.

Leadership Team

Meet Our Founder

Felipe Oliveira

Founder & President

From a fairly wealthy family in Brazil, Felipe Oliveira brings with him the knowledge of the financial system, and a wise humility that only an authentic spiritual journey can give. That’s his major gift he is bringing to our community.

Felipe is passionate about seeing men coming alive. He is passionate about seeing people living an Authentic Life.

It has been more than a decade that he is working on his passion among the best men’s groups of Australia, and, in his counselling & life coaching private practice: Authentic Life Mindset.

He has been living in Brisbane (Australia) since 2006.


Word from Him

Mariana Davila


Mariana is a chef and a counselling student and loves to see people thrive. She is passionate about breaking down stereotypes and the cultural misconceptions about what a "real man" is.

She has seen how this affects men in her daily work and in other interactions throughout life. Her hope is that all men will open up to the possibilities of their lives and find a place of belonging in their community.

Vernon Sommerfeldt


Vern is a lecturer in a business college and teaches law and governance to undergraduate and MBA students. He has a passion for helping others and endeavouring to improve the world around him.

His doctoral study identified the sources of workplace motivation and what brings satisfaction to people in the workplace. He is enrolled as a barrister with the Queensland Supreme Court.

Prior to his teaching career he was a police officer for 24 years and both these careers have raised his awareness of the increasing importance of mental health and self-esteem for people’s welfare.

As a police officer he was a domestic violence liaison officer and also established a successful program at the academy that is still operating and equipping first nation Australians with the knowledge and skills to become police recruits.

Wayne Krueger

Board Member

Wayne is passionate about men's wellbeing, in particular having access to therapeutic support. Wayne brings with him over 25 years experience in management and leadership in the construction, mining and engineering industries, coupled with over 20 years volunteer leading community projects through The Salvation Army, and a sincere heart for men to live an authentic life true to themselves and those around them.

Through his own personal experiences in life, in business, in family, in marriage, Wayne has gained a deep appreciation for men dropping the societal expectations of strength and pride, to be vulnerable to exploring within themselves to be more true and authentic.

Wayne also runs Inner Man Adventures, who provide opportunities for learning and experiencing positive mental health based in nature.

Wayne has qualifications in engineering and management and, while continuing full-time work, he is also studying a Bachelor of Counselling. Wayne takes up the challenge of bringing all his life experiences, skills and knowledge into the Counselling Men Project.


Founding Members

Barbara Gorogh

Public Relations Agency Business Owner

Anthony Koning

Anthony is a blue collar worker in his mid 40s. He knows personally how tough it can be to manage mental wellness when challenged with mental health concerns and how these challenges can continue throughout life. Life challenges can come in many forms and from many different things.

Prior to his current work he trained and worked as a counsellor for 10 years specialising in substance misuse treatment. Working in that arena he discovered that there is no one size fits all people.

"Mental unwellness and suicide are a societal epidemic demanding more attention and resourcing to improve quality of life. There is no reason for us to be losing our loved ones to suicide and too many are unnecessarily suffering. I want to make a difference and feel compelled to fight for a better quality of life for all." 

                Marty Lewis

Business Consultant

Marty owns and operates Orb Services, Consulting without any Cons.

Marty's life took an interesting path from farming, to professional sport, maintenance planning and senior management. It was a realisation in 2015 that the most optimal win / win situation would be helping the Everyday Icons who own and manage small businesses.

When comes why Counselling Men Project:

'I've had my own battles with mental health and understand both the need for, and the impact a good counsellor can have. I saw such a fit between the passion Felipe has for his work and the need for it in society. I genuinely believe CMP can make such a huge impact in our community and I wanted to help make that happen however I could'.


Ron Nix

Business Owner

Kent Buchanan

School Teacher

Scott Teagan

Business Owner - Healthcare Sector

Rhonda Fola

Executive Assistant - Telstra

Counselling Men Project  



Restorative Inclusion

Everyone deserves to be listened to with equity, empathy, and without judgement. The major intention is seeking human restoration by including them as a developed or in development human being.



A life that includes conscious examinations based on Solitude, Silence, Contemplation and a strong connection with Nature – the deeper sense of what Being means which we can learn from Indigenous cultures.



Taking personal responsibility according to a person’s own deepest level of consciousness is essential to lead to an Authentic Life.


Authentic Optimism:

is an optimism that uses the pessimism of life as a starting point of truth transformation into a genuine life.



is choosing to always acting from the heart despite the fear of being vulnerable.



is approaching the truth with kindness, gentleness and holistic understanding, centred in the Heart.



Acting with honesty and consistently with one's own core beliefs and values.