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Welcome and thank you for your desire to

Becoming a CMP Supporter

If you want to help men to resurrect their Authentic Lives and put an end on homelessness, violence and suicide in Brisbane, you are on the right page.

Becoming a Counselling Men Project Supporter (CMP Supporter) will give you a chance to help the men who are in the dark road get their lives back.

Your help is essential.

In order to be considered CMP Supporter, all you have to do is to donate 1 counselling session (value $170.00 - not tax-deductible) p/year, plus subscribe on our emailing to receive updates from CMP.


Step 1: Deposit 1 Counselling Session Value $170.00 (bank account below - not tax deductible) - with the reference as CMP Supporter.

Step 2: Subscribe on our Emailing List below on the Footer.


If interested to know more about the CMP, click here.