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Word from the President & Founder

The statistics are not positive at all when we talk about men’s issues. The number of violence, suicide and homelessness in our community is still high, and I believe we all must solve these issues together.

I fully agree with the old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. It applies for the problems Counselling Men Project is here to end. They are human issues and is mostly dealt through communion, relational and kindness with one another.

The human being has been designed to live with others, in mutual respect, and sharing their gifts to promote feelings of worthiness. Sadly, the strategy our society has been creating to acquire the feelings mentioned above are not quite right. It is, actually, creating opposites feelings. In the moment that we start focus more on the process, forgetting why the process exists on the first place, it is the beginning of the failure that causes what Counselling Men Project is here to end.

I have already had many clients from CMP saying: ‘thank you for just listening’; ‘thank you for just looking in my eyes. I don’t get much of that in the streets. It is dangerous to look in people’s eyes’; ‘Thank you for listening and don’t create a pit party"; and the list could go on.

It doesn’t take much to end homelessness, suicide and violence. What takes is courage to be patience, to slow down, and listen with the ears of the heart. If you do that yourself, there will be great chances, that in time, you will notice you have been living a different life. You will notice you have been living your Authentic Life.

That’s my hope and faith in humanity: that we all live a worthy life. A life to the full! An Authentic Life!

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